Christmas 2020- The 5 Must-Have Gifts!

Christmas this year will be different, that’s for sure. Let’s make your shopping a little bit easier. I’ve compiled my favorite must-have gifts, so take a look!

#1 – Hot Tools Bags

If you know anyone who uses curling irons, flat irons, or any other hair styling tools, these Hot Tools bags are your winner! Use them for travel, or just for daily storage, you can put them away hot and not have to wait. Made with premium heat-resistant fabric, 2 elastic straps, and 2 velcro closures.

#2 – Makeup Junkie Bags / Man Junk Bags

Despite their flat appearance, Makeup Junkie bags expand to hold whatever you want, from makeup, to lotions, shaving supplies, cords, sunglasses, snacks… whatever! Say goodbye to the bottomless pit bags, these flat lay bags will solve all of your problems! Comes in multiple colors and in 3 different sizes.

#3 – Caroline Hill Liz Crossbody Clutch

The Liz Crossbody comes with a long crossbody strap and a wristlet strap for a clutch. This little bag has tons of space for it’s size, with multi zipper pockets and lots of card holders. Use it on its own or throw it in your purse as a wallet. This super cute purse comes in lots of colors!

#4 – Touchless Door Opener Keychains

Stocking Stuffer alert! If you’re looking for something practical, grab one (or a few) of these Touchless Door Opener Keychains. Open doors, open bottles, carry your groceries, and use it as a stylus on those dirty keypads and ATM’s. These keychains come in 4 colors and are affordable, and in today’s times, needed! They’re made of antimicrobial brass and super affordable.

#5 – Messenger Bags

Messenger bags are unisex and practical. Everybody has stuff, and they like to carry it around with them, so why not get them something to help out with that? These are waterproof, with an adjustable strap, velcro closures, and come in 4 colors, with bonus zipper pockets on the front and the back. Tons of space inside for whatever you need to haul!

All of these, and more are available at! Make sure to get your orders in by December 15th in order to guarantee Christmas delivery!


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